Bajor Love Song / Sire JK

בנושא: סיפור אהבה בלתי אפשרי במאה ה-24.

Bajor Love Song

Even generation time had passed
Some hostilities just seem to last
And for some reason it is a crime
To love a girl from Cardassia Prime

We met in a teen vacation
On heavenly planet, Risa named
And when our eyes met it was clear
With her I want to be till the day I'm dead

Yes, there was an occupation
But SHE never opressed our nation
Don't want a girl from the federation
I want HER

My parents turned to shout
What is it all about
After they enslaved and killed
Three from our family, and seven got ill
You will never share with her a bed
Which turned me extremelly sad
Donno why it is still considered a crime
To love a girl from Cardassia Prime


It's not easy to meet and play
My love is many years away
Still we chat every day for hours
And I even tried to send her flowers
Though don't trust the guy with big lobes
To deliver them to my love
I want to go there myself one day soon
To hug and kiss my love all afternoon


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