Monstrous Regiment / Gdil

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Monstrous Regiment
A poem by Erez Wohl

This is a story about a young girl
Soft as cushion and delicate as a pearl
The young lady – Polly, works in an inn
And it's been a long time since her brother was seen
Her brother – Paul, had gone to the war
To protect Borogravia's lands and shore
Polly is very connected to her brother
So in the middle of the night she decides to bugger
And join the army disguised as a boy
To bring back her brother and bring back the joy

Of course, the journey is not that simple
And in the army there are no guns and riffles
Polly is learns for the first time the words:
"Let's see what you are, the flush or the sword"
Polly is trained under the guide of a master
Is name is sergeant  Jackrum and he is quite a buster
She is not the only soldier, of course
There are many privates and they are even worse
One is a vampire (no blood in two years)
One is an Igor, with stitches between the ears
One is a troll, his brain is little crappy
And who could forget corporal strappi?

Soon enough Polly discovers
That there is something else under the soldier's covers
All the soldiers are women with different goals
That are hard to achieve if you don't have balls
Most of them are running away
And the army seems to be the only way.
Although the commanders continue to tell
That they winning the war as they breaking a shell
The squad starts to suspect that something is wrong
And some of the pieces are not where they belong

The girls, still dressed up as men,
Help the army get back their fort but then
The commanders discover the men aren’t men
And the girl are been thrown to jail
No medal, no honor, and no bail.

But it's not the end of the story
No need to be worry
They might even find the way to the glory.

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