Dyin' La Vida Loca / Maladict

"Livin' La Vida Loca" של ריקי מרטין.
בנושא: מוות של "עולם הדיסק".


Dyin' La Vida Loca

His not into Superstition likes cats but not voodoo dolls
I feel a preminition, that dude gonna make me fall
He is in to new sensations, new kicks in dimmy light
He's got a new addiction, for everyday and night

He'll  take your breath and go slowly
Riding in the rain
He'll make your death so pleasant,
He'll take away your pain
Like a rock smashing all your brain.

Upside inside out, dyin' la vida loca
He'll push your soul and pull down, dyin' la vida loca
His Bones are clean and white, Skinless big blue eyes
He will take you out dyin' la vida loca
Dyin' la vida loca, dyin' la vida …loca.

Dead up in Ankh Morpork City, inn a dirty cheap motel
He Took my breath and thieves took my money
They must o'slipped me a poisoned pill

He always feeds the kittens, has a big strong white horse
Once you've had a look at him, you 'll never be the same
He'll make you go insane


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