Aziraphale & Crowley / Athaclena

בנושא: קראולי ואזירפאל ב"בשורות טובות".


Aziraphale & Crowley

These two creatures,
Devil and Angel,
Are forever enemies,
Always in feud.

But because of an Earthly enviroment,
Where good and bad are together,
These two are friends,
Of a sort.

In the fairy-tales of man-kind
Good and bad aren´t similar in the least,
But here we have an exception,
An oxymoron, like the beauty & the beast.

They´ve known each other from the very dawn of time,
From when Adam & Eve had just been made
Then after many long years,
Another Adam comes, with Armageddon,
And the world is about to end.
But, it is of course saved, in the end.

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