Gaiman's Cover / Sire JK

בנושא: הסופר ניל גיימן ויצירותיו: "אבק כוכבים", "לעולם לא עולם" ו"בשורות טובות".
מבוסס על שיר שכתב גיימן בעצמו כהקדמה לספר של Martha Soukup.


Gaiman's Cover

From the highest of the mountains
To the dead sea down below
All the people, all the nature
In just one thing interest show
Not the war and not the peace
Not how Jesus was healed
Not the world and how it'll cease
But of Gaiman Neil

Neal told this and Neil spoke that
What he'll write and give
If you aren't here to see him
Then this country you should leave

In the fairy fair in stardust
One thing interests all
Not the human fairy love lust
[  🙂  Nor if prices rise and fall      [not enough jews there
Only one man and no others
They talk after closing deals
And you should have guessed by now
That this is Gaiman Neil

Neal told this and Neil spoke that
What to buy and sell
And if you talk of others
They'll use an evil spell

In the subway down on London
Who do rats will speak
What's the biggest reason
for them to start and squeak
[Not the cheese and not the cats     [it's london, not broadway
Nor lady Door who's really nice
Even not hunter nor the key
But, right, Gaiman Neil

Neal told this and Neil spoke that
Is there sun or rain
If you don't think of him alone
You should be killed by subway train

Four riders of apocallipse
Alongside with the dog
Who will they speak of
When they come out of bloody fog
Not of Agnes, not of devil's son
Not of pain that they made real
They might speak a bit of Prachett
But mainly speak of Gaiman Neil

Neal told this and Neil spoke that
World comes to an end
And you should better interest in him
.Or be hungry, sick and dead

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