The tale of Fëanor / שי לחמנוביץ'

בנושא: פאנור מ"שר הטבעות" של ג'.ר.ר. טולקין.

The tale of Fëanor – The greatest Elf of all

Spirit of fire
Tall like a tree
Hair like the darkness
He wanted be free

Three jewls he made
They had the beauty of the trees
They been stolen in wrath
Taken over the sea

He wanted revenge
Take his own back with force
He lost up his mind
He loosed control

The telleri resisted
Didn't give him their ships
He killed them with anger
Then flew up to the sea

He sailed to the land
That lies between two great seas
His heart was like burning
As a flame with no fear

He started a war
Against the worst enemy
The beginer of evil
The beginer of kill

He fought bravely
'Till the end of his life
His body faded
Turned into ash

'Till the end of existence
His spirit will walk in the halls
The halls of Mandos
The halls for those who lost

להשאיר תגובה

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