Starbase K-7 / קפטן פרוטון

"Hotel California" של ה"איגלז".
בנושא: קפטן קירק מגולל את עלילותיו בתחנת החלל של הפרק The Trouble with Tribbles של TOS.

Starbase K-7

,I was commanding my spaceship
.Recording my log
,Only got to the stardate
When Uhura told
".Me: "There is a distress call
,I saw a shimmering light
On my sidearm and I told my pilot
.To embark on the flight
Mr. Barris then told me
,No emergency, Jim"
We just wanted your crew here
."To guard some wheat from the Klings
,I decided to refuse him
.But sent my crew for shore leave
,When they got there they went to the bar
:Where Cyrano Jones said

.Welcome to Starbase K-7"
,Such a lovely place
(Such a lovely place)
.Here in outer space
.Plenty of, er, friends at the Starbase K-7
,Any time of year
(Any time of year)
".You can find them here

,And while my ship was filling
,With Uhura's little pets
,My chief engineer got into a fight
For some insults that got thrown in his face
,By some Klingons, then told me
"It’s a matter of pride"
,And the tribbles were eating
,Multiplying as well
,Barris called me, said: "Captain
"Mister Jones is spy
:I said
.No he is not", and got covered in Tribbles all around"
,And still Klingon voices are calling from far away
,Wake you up in the middle of the night
:Just to hear them say

.Welcome to Starbase K-7"
,Such a lovely place
(Such a lovely place)
.Here in outer space
.Tribbles living it up in Starbase K-7
,Everywhere you look
(Everywhere you look)
.They're in every picture we took

,The wheat was poisoned
.That's what we found out
,It killed many of the Tribbles
,To the Klingons' delight
And when Jones was interogated
We discovered that tribbles
Don't like mister Darwin which means
!That he is a klingon spy
,Last thing thing I remember
The Tribbles were gone
.From my bridge and Scotty said that we will have them no more
,When I asked how he did that
:He hesitated, then said
,I beamed them over to the klingon ship"
"!They’ll be no Tribble at all

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